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What to do When Your Child Doesn't Fit in the Box

December 14, 2021

Being a parent is NOT for the faint of heart, no matter where, how, or whom

you parent.  If you have teens, know teens, work with teens, or were once a

teen, you'll appreciate my interview with Shellie Grafstein. This video is for the connected mom, dad, and anyone who cares for teens. 



Out of the Closet Without Shame: Balancing LGBTQ and Orthodox Identities         


November 9, 2021

I joined the Orthodox Conundrum podcast with Josh Brook, Shimmy Feintuch, LCSW, CASAC, Rabbi Scott Kahn, and Talli Rosenbaum at Intimate Judaism.

In past decades, being Orthodox and gay meant suffering in the closet or choosing to live authentically at the expense of religion. Today, more LGBTQ individuals and couples wish to retain their religious identities while embracing their sexual orientation.

Listen for an emotional, authentic, open conversation!


Featured in the Jerusalem Post, April 2, 2021:

How has COVID Changed the Practice of Sitting Shiva?

'In Jerusalem' spoke to individuals who lost a family member this past year, as well as to two mental health professionals to find out more about how COVID has changed the practice of sitting shiva.

By Rivkah Lambert Adler   

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